What we do

We want to get more people to understand what artificial intelligence (shortened to AI) really is, and to emphasize that AI has little in common with the terminator movies. We believe that this website has a setup that makes it easy for everyone to learn more and find different programs that are driven by AI. Take a look at the next slides to see how this works.

The categories

We have organized the AI programs in to categories to make it easier to choose the exact program you are looking for. You can visualize it as a roadmap. You want to take a closer look at an accounting program called Botkeeper? Take the trip to the categories, click on accounting and there you will find botkeeper. We believe this is the fastest and most efficient way for you to find what interests you.

The articles

We will write articles based on scientists, researchers and professors who are recognized  in the field of AI. Our common goal is to make AI understandable for all. It does not matter if you know a lot about it or if you have never heard about it before. We want to have a low threshold and to make everyone feel welcome. If you dont feel we have anything for your level of knowledge, let us know and we will fix it as soon as possible.

About us

Artificial intelligence partner started as an idea in the main lecture hall at the University of Agder in Kristiansand, Norway. Two tech-geeks started talking about the opportunity of creating a platform where they would gather information about every AI-program in the world. This would make it easier for everyone to find out about what AI is and the world of opportunities that is out there. A couple of months later, another tech-geek joined them and the website launched soon after.