Two reasons you shouldn’t be worried about AI and one reason you should be.

Imagine your computer as a friend. It can remember everything you do and learns your rituals. After you have been using it for a while, it knows when you are most likely to log on and what programs you are most likely to use. When you come home from work one day, you see that your computer is turning on and is preparing your programs, whether it is videogames or any other software. The volume level is just in your sweet spot and you realize that your computer is acting more like a helpful assistant than a “dumb” tool.

This is just one example of what artificial intelligence has to offer. It is all about efficiency and creating solutions that bring society forward. It might be something as small as a personal computer assistant to something as complex and advanced as automated landing systems for space rockets. In this article we want to discuss why you shouldn’t be worried about artificial intelligence, and one good reason you should stay up to date with its development.

Shift in Workforce

Automation is something a lot of people seem very worried about. What most people fail to understand is that a shift in where our human workforce is applied is something that we should welcome. Repetitive, dangerous and straining jobs will be the first jobs to go, paving the way for more creative and stimulating opportunities for us humans.

In most cases using advanced AI in any capacity requires a lot of expertise and a lot of data. This means that as some job types are in decline most if not all IT sectors are on the rise, this accompanied by the fact that most jobs that require human to human interaction will most likely not be replaced. Also important to note here though is that just because they won’t be replaced, that does not mean that AI won’t have a strong impact on how their work is done.

Cost Efficiency

Time is money and if you are trying to be efficient AI is a great tool. There is a whole bunch of great programs out there that is using AI to make your day more efficient. Your imagination is the limit (and a little bit of math). Saving time on boring tasks also gives you the edge over your competitors because you can use your time on the things you like and your customers want. Software as a service (SaaS) is used a lot with AI-software is a cost-efficient way because of low start up costs and you only pay for the time you use the software. You don’t like it, just stop your subscription. All this being said we don’t think you need a lot of convincing to agree that AI will most likely lead to extreme increases in efficiency across all sectors of commerce.

Getting left behind

There are huge opportunities that comes with AI but as with every leap of development there is also the risk of getting left behind. We don’t know what will happen in the next five years, but as history has shown time and time again, those who do not adapt to the times are in trouble. Technical advancements change the world every year and the development shows no signs of slowing down or stopping anytime soon.