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Can an AI-program be racist?

This is a tricky question because an AI-program only does what it is asked to do. Let us start with a simple example. A stockbroker firm usually has...

Facial recognition 101

  Let us start with a simple question; what is facial recognition? Simply put, facial recognition recognizes faces by analyzing facial...

Five books you should read if you want to learn more about AI

This is not an advertisement for these books or their publishers. This is just our favourite books about the subject. We have received no payment...

Two reasons you shouldn’t be worried about AI and one reason you should be.

Two reasons you shouldn’t be worried about AI and one reason you should be. Imagine your computer as a friend. It can remember everything you do and...

Coronavirus: How Artificial Intelligence is used to fight the pandemic

Here are 10 ways artificial intelligence, data science, and technology are being used to manage and fight COVID-19.

(In Norwegian) Effektiviser hverdagen med AI

Mange forbinder kunstig intelligens med science-fiction-filmer. Men for kristiansanderne Sebastian Halkjelsvik Aabel (25) og Carl Fredrik Engedal (25) er det nåtidas og framtidas hjelpemiddel for bedrifter.

Shanghai uses facial recognition to help catch drug offenders

Facial recognition is being used in Shanghai to help catch individuals suspected of abusing pharmaceuticals.

Experts discuss the current biggest threats posed by AI

Several experts have given their thoughts on what threats AI poses, and unsurprisingly fake content is the current biggest danger.

(In norwegian) Kunstig intelligens er ikke bare for forskere

Ved hjelp av en nettside ønsker gründerne bak Artificial Intelligence Partner å gjøre kunstig intelligens tilgjengelig for allmennheten

Google’s latest AI project may aid wildlife conservation

Biologists and conservationists across the world have got their hard drives stuffed with millions of camera trap photos and it’s a time consuming process to go through all the images.