Here you will find a selection of AI-powered programs and services that are sorted into their respective category so that you can browse them easier

Currently highlighted AI software


Botkeeper is revolutionizing bookkeeping by using a unique combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and skilled human accounting to automate as much of the bokkeeping process as possible, saving you both time and from worrying.

Sentient energy

Enlighten and prepare the commercial building for the next day, thus reducing energy consumption and costs in commercial buildings by exploiting the already installed equipment using artificial intelligence


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Accounting can in many ways be a repetitive and laborious task. The amount of time businesses have to spend on administration can in many cases be crippling for small companies and profit decreasing for larger corporations. Artificial Intelligence is already aiding in the quest to streamline accounting and bookkeeping.


There is an obvious global need to improve and streamline our foodchain both in order to feed the growing population and to save our enviroment. This change has to start from the roots and bringing agriculture into the 21st century will allow humanity to thrive with a clear conciousness. Artificial Intelligence is already being utilized.


As the global population grows the rate at which we build has to keep the same pace. Everyone wants a nice place to live and AI makes it easier to build cheaper and more efficient houses.


AI can actually help you out with a lot of stuff in your daily life. Anything from instant language translation to helping disabled people.


The world is changing and so should our educational system. Interactive methods are already implemented in a lot of schools and are making learning more accessible and fun. Creating the classroom of the future.


The world of finance is an advanced one with a lot of numbers and high fees. In this high pace financial climate it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Let AI worry about the numbers and trends so that you can focus the investing.


A great infrastucture paves the way for a great economy. Wether it is surveillance on key points of interest or utilities. AI can help maintain what trully makes a country great, no walls needed.


Language is a barrier that is holding a lot of people back. Weather it is your better half’s family that speak another language or you work in a foreign country. Learning a new language has never been so easy.

Law enforcement

AI can be used to alleviate a lot of the menial administrative tasks that burden law enforcement, and has even been used for decades to alert of fraud. To keep up with the digitization of our society, law enforcement will need all the tools they can get.

Machine learning

Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computers systems use to perform specific tasks relying on “training” instead of explicit instructions. This is currently being utilized in a number of settings.


In the last 10 years medical science has come a long way. How about we make the next 10 years even more impressive? AI in a medical setting is all about saving time, making more correct diagnoses and saving more lives.


Do you want to create music? Weather you want to be the next big thing in EDM or just create a jingle for your next ad, AI can help everyone to create beautiful soundtracks easily. 

Personal assistants

Personal assistants are maybe the most accepted use of AI in our daily life today. It covers everything from creating a shopping list when you run out of milk to hrlping you look up important buisiness information.


AI in photo is a quite broad category. It covers AIs that colourize your photographs, recognize faces or create a real photo from something your child drew? As stated, it is a very broad category.


Factories have already seen how AI and automation can transform a whole industry. More efficient, cheaper and better are keywords when describing how AI change the game.


Allowing robots to preform the most labor intensive and repetitive tasks will free up human work time and allow us to preform more productive tasks. Robots have developed significantly recently and are on track to be used for many tasks in the near future.


AI can help keep you and those you love safe. It is currently being utilized in both cyber and regular security in many ways. As society is becoming more digitized  our security must follow.

Sales & Marketing

AI can efficiently predict and analyze market movements and in turn gives you the best statics to rely on for your next marketing job.

Smart home

Safety, physical presence, comfort and cost savings. These are some of the things that AI can do for your home or office.


Recent advances in AI have lead to the availability of cheap and impressive chatbots and first line support AIs. These services can seamlessly be integrated into your existing support workflow.


This might be the most advanced category, or not. A lot of people are working very hard to make the very advanced stuff a lot more user friendly. Big data, self learning, DYI chatbots and stuff like that awaits you.


AI is being utilized in everything from the cameras themselves to the software used to edit footage. Imagine being able to easily create anything from great looking short videos for your company to having flawless video meetings without the hassle. AI allows you to do all of this without having any previous experience.


Writing is an art form that few master. Why don’t you let an AI write that for you? Save time and get a result that is scientifically pleasing to read. Sounds almost too good to be true? Not anymore.