Accounting can in many ways be a repetitive and laborious task. The amount of time businesses have to spend on administration can in many cases be crippling for small companies and profit decreasing for larger corporations. Artificial Intelligence is already aiding in the quest to streamline accounting and bookkeeping.

01 Botkeeper

botkeeper is revolutionizing bookkeeping using a unique combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and skilled human accounting.

02 Fiken

Fiken is a norwegian company based on simplifying accounting for small companies and private individuals.

03 Semine

SEMINE is an accountant AI programme which is automizing the accounting industry by using AI algorithmes. By using AI and deep machine learning SEMINE is getting smarter for eachday that passes.

04 Luca

Free bookkeeping system for small businesses. Luca can scan ur invoice, and witht he help of AI, return it back to you completely filled out an d ready to pay in your bookkeeping system.