There is an obvious global need to improve and streamline our foodchain both in order to feed the growing population and to save our enviroment. This change has to start from the roots and bringing agriculture into the 21st century will allow humanity to thrive with a clear conciousness. Artificial Intelligence is already being utilized.

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01 Blue River Technologies

Building smart farm machines to manage crops at a plant-level. Today, the best practice is to treat all plants as if they have the same needs. See & Spray changes this paradigm, empowering growers to make every individual plant count at scale. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence, our smart machines can detect, identify, and make management decisions about every single plant in the field.

02 Agrobot

An innovative generation of robotic strawberry harvesters to pick your fresh produce, all around the clock.These machines have been designed to perform autonomously within the rows in any farm.Up to 24 robotic arms working wirelessly as a team.The flexible platform fits into any farming configuration. 


Automatize plant protection control in your greenhouses! Sit back, relax, and control plant protection in real-time if your plants are suffering from any deficiency, upcoming pest or disease. Minimize worries and inputs, maximize security and outputs – with PEAT’s image recognition solution!

Cheap and autonomous cameras send pictures of your plants and you will get the results on your device right away. 

04 Harvest CROO Robotics

Almost all strawberries sold in the US are grown in the ground, and it is more cost effective to do so. In order to supply fresh strawberries to the market, we need to build upon current farming practices. We will disrupt the harvest service, without disrupting the strawberry farming market. We can do that by building a harvester that works on today’s farms without making the farmer invest in more expensive growing systems (like table top or vertical farms). Additionally, the farmer can be the farmer, not a high-tech worker.