Agrobot is a company engaged in the business of agricultural robots


Robust and reliable

Agrobot has a focus on a simple design for easy operations and maintenance. In addition, the machines are equipped with real-time artificial intelligence to determine the fruit ripeness which makes the system reliable.



The flexible platform fits into any farming configuration which makes the product very adaptable.

Agrobot is a start-up company engaged in the business of agricultural robots.

Working along with US leading farmers, Agrobot has developed the first pre-commercial agricultural robot for gently harvest strawberries, no matter where and how they are grown. Through this innovative approach, Agrobot has managed to align traditional farming culture and cutting-edge technology to face the most pressing difficulties that the global primary industry is suffering.

Our thoughts

This technology caters mostly to large scale commercial farmers. This product could help them save both time and money.


The agrobot has 24 arms that work independently of each other. This would be a highly productive solution for berry suppliers and large scale farmers.


The Agrobot could potentially replace several employees and save your company a lot of time and resources.


This market is a perfect example of where AI will succeed humans when it comes to efficiency. The future is bright for large scale farmers and berry suppliers. Agrobot is at the front of this technology, and the market will follow – will you join the future or stay in the past?

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