Blue River Technology

Blue River Technology is building the next generation of smart agriculture equipment. We’re introducing See & Spray technology, enabling a world in which every plant counts.

Blue River Technology

With the rise of herbicide-tolerant weeds, there are fewer and fewer effective solutions.

Farmers around the world need a new way to address the weed control challenge.

$25 billion spent each year

3 billion pounds of herbicides

250 species of resistant weeds


Over-relying on a handful of broadcast-spray chemicals fuels the evolution of herbicide tolerance.

Fighting these weeds hurts farmers’ crops and their profitability.

The Next Generation of Smart Machines

See & Spray is the next generation of Blue River’s technology. See & Spray machines leverage deep learning to enable our machines to identify a greater variety of plants—both crops & weeds—with better accuracy, and then make crop management decisions on the spot.

The First Smart Machines

The first smart machine—the lettuce bot—focused on lettuce thinning. Elimination of unwanted lettuce seedlings is traditionally a time-intesive and expensive task, the lettuce bot automated this arduous process by taking images, identifying which plants to remove, spraying them, and verifying the accuracy and performance of the system, all in real time.

Expanding Into The Future

Crop protection is just the beginning. With the support of John Deere, Blue River is continuing to expand and explore a plethora of innovative new developments to support and empower those linked to the land.

The Company


“Blue River is based in Sunnyvale, CA and has over 80 team members with diverse experience including: computer vision, machine learning, systems software, autonomous vehicles, and precision agriculture.


Our work environment is fast paced and highly collaborative, and

our employees are excited to use their talents to improve farm production and protect the environment..

See our Careers page for opportunities to join our team.”



This technology caters mostly to large scale commercial farmers.

This could help them save time, money and the environment in the process. 

Common Use Cases

Large scale farmers that due to any reason require pesticides to keep their crops alive. It is not possible for these farmers to individually treat crops for several reasons. With this technology they will be able to do just that with minimal effort.

Potential Benefits

The See & Spray technology will keep the weeds out with minimal pesticide use. This saves pesticide and time spraying crops, it improves the health of the environment the crops are grown in. 

Expanding Into The Future

As the company was brought into the giant John Deere family it now has the muscles to really bring this advance in farming to the global market.