Reimagining what a hearing aid can do

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Adapts to you

A smart hearing aid that adapts to you and your surroundings and filter out the noise but still enables you to hear the sounds you want. Livio can also translate other languages in real time. Livio is the next level of hearing aids.


Health is prioritized

Livio is not just a tool that helps you hear, Livio can also track your activity and provide safety to your relatives with an built-in fall alarm.

Livio AI is created by Starkey, one of the largest supplier of hearing aids in the world. Starkey is based in the US. 

Our thoughts

one of us here at AI Partner have any experience with hearing aids so it is quite hard to comprehend what it feels like to not hear what you want to hear. What we do know is that real time translation and fitness tracker is always appreciated.

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