The world is changing and so is the educational system. Interactive methods are already implemented in a lot of schools and are making learning more accessible and fun. Some of the newest tech in learning is to make it easier for everyone to learn as if they were in the classroom.

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01 Thinkster Math

“Your Search for a Math Tutoring Program Ends Here.

You want to make the right education choice for your child, and they want to learn and gain confidence along the way. With Thinkster, we offer elite and expert tutors and coaches along with a math tutor app, so your child can see results in as little as 10 weeks.”

02 Mika

Mika or Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant is a telecom assistant designed for companies. Mika is a service delivered by Nokia to obtain a higher efficiency. Mika provides assistance for telecom specific tasks, diagnostics and makes sure the procidure is followed on every call. Mika is cheaper and more efficient than humans. She operates as a “Software as a service” and has therefore low start up costs.

03 Lipnet

We revolutionize speech recognition using end-to-end sentence-level lip-reading.