The world of finance is an advanced one with a lot of numbers and high fees. Let AI worry about the numbers that you dont understand and you can do the investing.

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01 Fronteer Solutions

Fronteer Solutions have trully created a product that makes it easier for everyone to invest their money. Their AI go thru all the numbers and create a mutual fund based exclusively on numbers. No gut feeling in this house. Because their AI do a lot of the work a person usually does, their fees are among the lowest in the business. 0.59-0.99% in fees are a great deal. In the world today it is so many different analyzing tools and numbers that it is difficult to make an understanding of it if you haven’t gone to business school and that’s what makes Fronteer Solutions so good. Everyone can use it because the AI does the tidious work.

02 Exabel

Exabel is a “Software as a service” analyzing platform that aims to make it easier for investors, professionals and journalists to gain overview and control over large amounts of financial data. These kinds of advanced mathematical algorithms have been used by some of the worlds largest hedge- and mutual funds for a number of years. What makes Exabel unique is it’s availability for everyone that wants to pay for their service.

03 Sentieo

Corporates, wealth managers, consultants and many more will see that Sentieo have a lot of useful features. Sentieo automatically gather all the information that you would ever need about the most interesting tickers, just like you have a whole room of analaysts.Put the fact that you can export all of this into excel and share it with your team into the pot and you have what potentially is a game changer.

04 Kensho

Kensho creates breakthrough financial intelligence products for our colleagues at S&P Global and some of the world’s leading financial institutions. Our data scientists and machine learning engineers enjoy a dynamic and collaborative work environment, while leveraging the unparalleled breadth and depth of data available as part of S&P Global.

05 Betterment

Betterment is a helpful tool for anyone who want to start investing in stocks or is already a seasoned veteran who just want to elevate their returns. You can choose want kind of investments you want to mainly focus on and Betterment does the rest. No need for a fancy MBA, just use Betterment. Set your goals, sit back and watch your stocks give greater profits than ever before.