"Every application will become intelligent or will cease to exist.
Our technology is expressly designed to facilitate the rapid creation of intelligent applications."
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From our unique, powerful and battle-tested AI platform to our low-code application framework our mission is clear – to be the best environment in which to build truly intelligent applications.

Applications matter because they connect business users with their data in ways that amplify knowledge, facilitate action, deepen understanding and build trust.


Intelligent applications have multiple components. Only those applications that can fulfill all of the criteria can rise to the standard.

  • The capacity to discover patterns in data without preconceived notions.
  • The ability to accurately predict future outcomes based on current data.
  • The ability to justify its predictions and assertions.
  • Intelligence must elicit action – either by a downstream process or software or by a subject matter expert.
  • An intelligence application must have the capacity to learn and adapt when faced with new data.

Application Framework

We build applications for specific business problems because they position intelligence within the decision workflow of the business – allowing for true end-to-end solutions. A platform, even one as powerful as ours, cannot impact the entire organization if the only team that can use it is data science. Applications are how intelligence goes to market.

Enterprise Scale

Symphony AyasdiAI is deployed in production around the world addressing a broad range of business problems. Both the platform and the applications built on it support enterprise-class features required to deploy across an organization.

  • Single Sign-On
  • Kerberos
  • Security
  • SDK
  • Algorithmic Scalability

The Company


A SymphonyAI Group Company


“SymphonyAI Group is the fastest-growing private group of B2B AI companies, backed by a $1 billion commitment to deliver next-generation AI solutions for transforming the enterprise. Since its founding in 2017, SymphonyAI has grown rapidly to a group of six companies with a combined revenue run rate approaching $300M. Over 1,600 talented leaders, data scientists and other professionals operate the group under the leadership of one of Silicon Valley’s most successful serial entrepreneurs,

Dr. Romesh Wadhwani.


Who is this  best suited for?

This technology caters mostly to large scale commercial farmers.

This could help them save time, money and the environment in the process. 

Common Use Cases

Large scale farmers that due to any reason require pesticides to keep their crops alive. It is not possible for these farmers to individually treat crops for several reasons. With this technology they will be able to do just that with minimal effort.

Potential Benefits

The See & Spray technology will keep the weeds out with minimal pesticide use. This saves pesticide and time spraying crops, it improves the health of the environment the crops are grown in. 

Expanding Into The Future

As the company was brought into the giant John Deere family it now has the muscles to really bring this advance in farming to the global market.