Voice recognition instead of writing in a password on your work pc? In a globalized world it has never been more important to keep your information safe.

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01 Simcam

SimCam can detect activities of human and pets with onboard AI deep learning algorithms, while keep your privacy secured in the device.

02 Myvoice

My Voice Ai is unlocking the power of voice using the latest machine learning techniques. Starting with speaker identification and continuing with sentiment analysis, emotion detection and the real-time evaluation of other speaker characteristics.

03 Sensetime

SensePortrait-S provides functions of face detection from image source, as well as feature extraction, attribute analysis, attribute comparison, and target retrieval from a vast facial image database

04 Blackberry Cylance

Normal antivirus. Soooo outdated. It typically works by comparing a bunch of files to a (very, very long) list of known threats which has to be updated continuously. So how do we do things? Intelligently. We identify behaviours of “would-be” attacks and prevent them before they can ever happen. Smart, huh?