In a high tech world it becomes more and more important to really listen to your fellow humans. This can be your customers, coworkers or friends. Making communication easier and more efficient is key to a more profitable future.

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01 Landbot

Chatbot Platform for your Lead Generation Strategies. Create lead generation strategies that engage and convert. Build personalized conversational chatbots. With Landbot, it’s easy, beautiful and FREE.

02 Passage

Finally. Conversational AI that’s personable. We use state of the art deep learning algorithms to build chatbots and conversational interfaces that perform at an industry-leading accuracy.

03 Twilio

Build, train, and deploy artificially intelligent bots, IVRs, and Alexa apps using natural language understanding and machine learning frameworks with Twilio Autopilot.

04 Peakon

We are a data company – not just a survey company – and this allows us to provide insights that will transform your business. Some of our customers have reduced their churn by 50%, others have completely restructured their organisations. We don’t just measure engagement, we drive real change.


Make all your online interactions instant and accurate with conversational artificial intelligence that’s so smart it understands exactly when a human touch is needed.

06 Talla

Talla integrates with your existing systems and workflows to build machine learning models of common tasks, answer common questions, and make every rep more productive, with the most accurate AI-powered performance on the market.

07 Simplyfai

When contacting customer service, you often want more than information. You want something done. Simplifai has developed a chatbot that easily connects to systems like CRM, online stores and booking systems, so that the chatbot becomes more helpful.

08 Banduro

Banduro creates chatbots for all companies no matter the size. Banduro was actually created with economic support from the norwegian state.

09 HR-Henry

HR-Henry answers all the questions your staff have about human relations. Spend less time answering generic questions and more on the people that actually need you.