Enlighten and prepare the commercial building for the next day, thus reducing energy consumption and costs in commercial buildings by exploiting the already installed equipment using artificial intelligence

 Up to 30 percent reduction in electrical energy consumption

Up to 40 percent reduction of the total energy cost

 Enable your building to offer flexibility and be compensated for your contribution

The Next Generation of Smart Machines

The First Smart Machines


Expanding Into The Future

 55% of Europe’s electricity consumption goes to buildings. Our technology can reduce this enormously and in a cost-effective way. The world needs change and green energy. This product contributes and accelerates towards the shift. The technology utilizes the buildings installed technology optimally to achieve this goal.

The Company


There is a team of 9 working days and nights to develop technology that will change the world. A glowing bunch with a very broad professional education that is required in such a field. Major national players are interested in the product and facilities to help accelerate development. Our main focus is on Artificial Intelligence and therefore works closely with major universities and researchers in the field. The company has been awarded for its ideas and developments and has been subsidized for new development there are few companies that get.



 It is designed for anyone who wants to, either the tenant or the owner of commercial buildings

Common Use Cases

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Potential Benefits

 The biggest potential benefit to society with the product is that it can reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions tremendously, while reducing and streamlining the electricity grid.

Expanding Into The Future

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