Artificial intelligence will digitally disrupt all industries. Don’t be left behind” – Dave Waters

What we do

We offer different kinds of services depending on whether you’re a company  or a private individual. In general we are aiming to make artificial intelligence easy to understand and easy to access. We have categorized AI based programs and services  to make it as easy as possible for you to find exactly what you are looking for.

To read more about “company use” and “private use” read the information underneath.

For companies

Visibility is the key to success for most companies. The AI world is growing bigger for each passing day and it can be difficult to be seen in a world amongst giants. On our page, the AI based programs and services will be visible and easy to access. We make a personalized webpage for each company where we write detailed and simplified information about their AI based programs/services.

The information about the progrmas/services is written in cooperation with the companies but we will always maintin an objective view on the programs/services to make a quality ensurance for the consumers.

For private

We aim to make artificial intelligence easy to understand and easy to access. There are endless of programs and services just waiting to be used, but we often see that people don’t know how to find or use these programs. With three easy steps on this website you can find the perfect program or service for your needs. Just click the “Let’s go” button and it will take you to our category site where you will find everything you are looking for.