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Our vision.

“I believe that life without robots is unthinkable in the future.

We are aiming for a world where robot application developers and robot users are win-win.
By contributing to the development of robot apps,
we really want to contribute to the further spread of robots and the future development of humanity.

The world of robots is about to begin.
And we also start working on robots.
If you start a robot, we are sure to help you.
Such thoughts areput in this company name “Robot Start” .”


Various services

“We are a solution provider for the robot business.
We are currently developing the following services.

Robot business services

Robot media service

Robot event related services

Robot application store service

Robot Marketing/Robot Advertising Service”

This is a Japanese company focusing on community-driven robot and AI development and media. They have a wide range of services available. Althought the large teams focus for the moment appears to be the Japanese market there is no indication they turn down international interest.

Our thoughts

 This is a very interesting company because of their obvious focus on being supportive and encouraging  of the grass root AI and robotics development community, something rarely found in commercial companies these days. This gives confidence in the ethics and morals behind the company, in turn increasing their trustworthiness. Their wide array of services also mean that they will be able to help a wide audience.

Visit robot start inc.